We make each arrangement by hand specifically for your unique growing conditions, using an eclectic mix of high quality annuals and perennials.  Our expert growers ensure that each plant we deliver has been raised to the highest standards of health and quality.

Caring for our plants.  We demand that the quality of our plants is to the absolute highest standards.


We source our plant material from local growers within a 50 mile radius of Philadelphia, we use organic soil and fertilizer, and we plant in liners made from 97% recycled fiber.  Improving one environment shouldn't come at the cost of another.

Plants and materials are all gathered and ready to go!
Planting in some rich, organic soil.  Just look at that color!  Guaranteed to produce happy plants.


We pull thousands of healthy plants out of our clients' planters and window boxes at the end of each season.  Rather than reusing them to cut costs, we donate each one to local outreach and greening programs run by the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society.  Our mission is to make the world a more beautiful, enjoyable place to live.  That mission extends beyond profits.

These plants have found a happy new home in Philadelphia.