After a cold, grey winter there is no better way to herald the arrival of spring than planters and window boxes bursting with bright, spring colors.  We stuff our containers with a wonderful mix of cool-season perennials, annuals, and bulbs and begin delivering at the first sign of spring.  Our frost-tolerant planting scheme helps your home become the envy of the neighborhood before nurseries even reopen for the spring.

Spring bulbs and flowers in Philadelphia
Spring flowers and bulbs in this planter.
spring window box
Spring bulbs and flowers

Kiss Winter goodbye

By the time March rolls around, it's about time to put winter in the rear view mirror.  We select a bright and colorful plant palette of frost-tolerant plants so that we can begin deliveries at the first sign of spring.  That first flush of color helps to usher in some serious spring fever.

Tulips, daisies, hyacinth and more Easter flowers
Spring flowers getting pummeled by a cool, early-season rain