Two huge planters flank a walkway in New Hope


A huge variety of blooms, colors, and textures is available during the height of the growing season.  Planters and window boxes are the perfect way to spruce up your favorite outdoor spot for the summer - patios, roof decks, balconies, pools.

Wrought iron urn boasting colorful summer flowers
Wrought iron urn greets guests at this dramatic driveway in New Hope
Window boxes in Rittenhouse Square in June
Rittenhouse window box in July
The same window boxes in mid-September

Watch them Grow

Long days, warm weather, and a dose of our organic, extended-release fertilizer create ideal conditions for robust growth.  It is not uncommon for plants to triple in size over the course of the season.  The above three photos show the growth of two window boxes on Spruce Street.  The photo on the left is the day we planted the window boxes in early June, and the photo on the right is mid-September when we came back to install the Autumn Collection.

urns in bucks county
Huge, 55" window boxes side by side in Washington Square West.
Iron urn in Newtown, PA
Bucks county planters and flowers
New hope plants and flowers
Bright colored succulents poolside in New Hope

Worried about watering?

Succulents are perfect if you're concerned about caring for your planters and window boxes.  Succulents are desert natives - they are tough as nails and thrive on neglect.  Whatever rain we happen to get is more than enough to keep succulents happy.  In fact, the hotter and drier it is, the more dazzling their colors become.  Succulents also make great centerpieces for deck tables and patio furniture.

Succulents really make this patio furniture pop!
Succulents looking colorful in the high heat of summer
Another angle of the 8' window box in Newtown, PA